Gymleco® proudly brings cutting-edge European design philosophy and commercial artistry to the North American fitness market.  Each Gymleco product is designed and built to our strict requirements, in our own factories, by our own valued employees.  Each Gymleco® fitness product is designed with our unique targeted-muscle group approach and includes specific instructions and unique machine mounted engraved physique diagrams for the user to maximize return-on-effort and bring ultimate satisfaction in every work-out session.  This targeted muscle group design is bolstered by Gymleco’s unique composite belt drive components that ensure velvet smooth action and absolute minimum maintenance needs.  While seldom utilized, we also offer industry-leading Warranty protection and we stand behind each component of every machine that we sell.  With any Gymleco® product your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Gymleco® can equip your fitness area or commercial gym in every aspect.  We carry a very complete line of equipment for both strength and cardio purposes.  From dumbbells and kettlebells to sophisticated treadmill and cycle and stair machines, Gymleco® has you covered.  We also carry a unique line of Gymleco® lockers and benches as well as all necessary flooring products.  Gymleco has partnered with one of the worlds premier producers of rubber products to manufacture flooring surfaces of the same high quality as Gymleco fitness machines.  In the end, we have you covered!

One very unique aspect of Gymleco® equipment is that it is designed for maximum service and longevity with minimal footprint.  This unique design feature means that you can have commercial grade equipment with commercial grade performance utilizing minimal room/floor space.  This feature lends itself well to those users with confined or limited spaces such as yachts, apartments, and home fitness centers.

All Gymleco® customers receive personal service and custom design and quote services.  Our customer service begins with your custom design and quote/proposal and continues through delivery and installation.  When you buy Gymleco you are more than a customer – you become a member of the Gymleco® Family of Clients (GFC).  GFC members receive invitations to the world’s major fitness expositions and shows and join a group that includes University Athletic and Fitness Centers, Gym and Fitness Center operators and owners, Healthcare and Rehabilitation centers, Hotel operators, Community Health/Fitness Centers, and other users across Europe and North America.

Gymleco® will give your training space, WOW!