SkiErg, Concept2

SkiErg, Concept2


With Concept2 SkiErg, cross-country skiing is available to all. You exercise strength and stamina in both legs, arms and core. The 2014 model of SkiErg has completely new tougher design and several new features. SkiErg can now be used for both strike and classic gear technology. Whether you’re an elite enthusiast who wants to improve your strength, an enthusiast who wants to get fit for the ski season or if you’re just looking for a good workout, SkiErg will help you achieve your goal.

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  • With the spiral damper you can quickly adjust the airflow to the flywheel to change the feel to suit your training.

  • Whether you want your training to feel like a terrain or on an uphill, the feeling is right with SkiErg.

  • SkiErg has ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable and safe grip.

  • Width: 61 cm

  • Depth: 132 cm

  • Height: 216 cm